Meeting Location

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  • The Phoenix Chapter of the Electric Auto Association meets in Wrigley Hall, Room 101, located on the Arizona State University campus in Tempe.
    • This “map page” gives you some details about finding the meeting room.  (You can Click Here to return to the main Phoenix EAA website.)


  • The official address for Wrigley Hall is “800 Cady Mall, Tempe AZ“.  This will work in your GPS, but you cannot drive or park on the mall.  The closest parking lot is just west of Wrigley Hall, between Wrigley Hall and the Methodist Church.
  • Alternate GPS Address:  You can use the Methodist Church’s address of “215 E. University Dr Tempe AZ“.
  • If the lot between the Church and Wrigley Hall is for some reason unavailable, you can alternately park in the parking deck at “300 E. University Dr Tempe AZ“.
  • The below JPG image shows some details about the meeting room; CLICK it, to view it larger.
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Following below, is the interactive Google map: